Drive your business decisions
with the insight of data

Get the most up-to-date, deidentified data trends
from United States aesthetic medical practices.

About Thirteen Company

Thirteen Company offers a robust data & trend subscription serivce to drive your important business
decisions and product development initiatives as they relate to the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Huge Data Set

Over 10 million records, and growing!
Insights from Thirteen Company provides one
of the deepest data sets available.

Deep Intelligence

Get detailed trends on over 250
critical products and procedures
worth benchmarking.

Sliced to Satisfaction

Slice data on procedures and
products by age. sex. state, and
even 3-digit zip code.


Be “in-the-know” about
everything you want to know

See what the “top procedures” and “top products
in use” really are. Compare how products are
trending across any product category or by
specific products – both nationally and regionally.


Deep-dive for marketing
and medical intelligence.

Marketing decision-makers can identify success in
sales and marketing campaigns, while clinicians can
identify product failure rates and trending
complications in epidemiology.

Thirteen Company Data Categories

Thirteen Company data is deidentified per HIPAA regulation 45 CFR § 164.514.
Data is updated weekly and is available on an annual subscription basis.
Data discovery categories include the following major modalities, and much more…

• Neurotoxins
• Injectable Fillers
• Laser & Light Devices

• Medical Wellness & Weightloss
• Aesthetic Skin Care Treatments
• Aesthetic Breast Surgery

• Facelift Surgery
• Aesthetic Eye Surgeries
• Rhinoplasty

• Non-surgical Body Contouring 
• Body Contouring Surgery
• Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy



A Thirteen Company data specialist will get right back to you about
solving your data-based decisions with our comprehensive subscription service.